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Finnish Splitting Axe

Firewood supply can be as well boring and exhausting as well as active and satisfying process. It all depends on the point of view you look at it from. Personally, we choose the second option, which is why we created a tool which not only eases splitting wood, but also makes it into something more than just an everyday necessity.

In the modern world there is so much rush and time passes by so fast. And pretty often we forget that all daily labors we do more or less automatically can bring joy and satisfaction.

I remember my childhood and the old woodshed by our house. Its silvery grey planks reflected the warmth and peace of afternoon sun. When I lifted up a block of wood I felt its weight. At that moment I realized that this block of wood has its story. A story of a tree that this particular block once was a part of. Of its life it had in the forest. Of seasons that replaced one another and left their annual rings in its flesh. When I split the wood, its inner essence opened; the harmonic lines of fibers, revealing themselves, exhaled a perfume that almost filled the whole woodshed. This perfume was a sign of the end of some period. The tree has lived its life and now is giving space for other trees in the forest and warmth in men’s home, and all it is taking with it, is the sense of fulfillment.

This axe is also created with thought about harmony and fulfillment. On one hand, it is just an axe, but on the other it has something to narrate. Each line of it is a part of the story its creator thought about when making it. It is like noiseless dialogue between master and the owner of a tool, who will use it and write his own continuation of the story.


John Neeman