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John Neeman

John Neeman is a bladesmith from Latvia who has achieved his reputation by manufacturing some of the best performing woodworking tools in the world. Axes, chisels, drawknives and other craftsman tools made by John are used by experts of industry in more than ten countries. John’s way to success started with his interest of metal working technologies and knowledge about work methods of ancient bladesmiths acquired from many experts. After obtaining special education in Latvia and engineering studies in Danmark, John Neeman returned to his homeland to start a bladesmith workshop named after him together with some like-minded friends.

At the end of year 2012 John Neeman’s bladesmith workshop is proceeding to next phase. Founding new and creative team of professionals, John Neeman establishes company AUTINE. This small family company combines already well-known performance of John Neeman with more extensive possibilities of design, new patterns of tools and higher standards of quality, giving a lifetime warranty to all tools made by AUTINE.